MUNICH, 25 September 2018– Cadami used the IEEE 5G Summit in Dresden in September both to highlight its highly efficient video distribution technology and secure new cooperative deals with both industrial and academic partners.

At IEEE, Cadami was showing the latest platform, developed with Steinwurf ApS. This new generation platform is easier for network owners to deploy. It also provides improved Video on Demand and video streaming quality. 

Cadami, one of the event’s Silver Patrons, demonstrated its advanced coded caching and media transmission technology. It optimises the use of the network, reducing bandwidth usage by 50 to 80 percent. These efficiency savings enable the transmission of a significantly larger library of video content, as well as increased internet capacity.

Michael Heindlmaier of Cadami said, “The IEEE 5G Summit was a very useful day for us. We started out as academics bringing an industrial idea to market, so having the combination of both worlds under one roof is very important, both for us and for the development of 5G technologies. Apart from anything else, it balances what is technologically doable with what is commercially viable.

“The result is that we were able to strengthen our relationships with the world of academia, ensuring we are fully up-to-date with all the latest developments. We also closed agreements to co-operate with other companies on the development of new products and solutions.”

Steinwurf, a Danish software company, specialises in network coding, complimenting Cadami’s technology.

This screenshot shows four screens, all running over the same network. However, the top two are running Cadami software. Click on the image to see the video.

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