Cadedge is Cadami’s approach to cloud computing on the very edge of the network. A single device provides

  • an enhanced network stack
  • superior protocols
  • storage for caching
  • a host for applications

Cadedge creates a WiFi access point with an enhanced networking stack and in addition optionally supports uplink connections via WiFi, LiFi, and cellular networks. 

Applications are deployed and executed via docker container images and are can be managed remotely by the balena service. You can integrate additional applications with little effort. The balena service allows for remote monitoring, updates, and support. Applications available from Cadami are

  • OTAcast – an industry-leading protocol for efficient data distribution via WiFi, for example, firmware updates to IoT devices, cars, and robots in warehouses. 
  • – Live Video Streaming via WiFi provides scalable delivery of multicast video via WiFi for 1000+ users, for example at events, education, and digital signage
  • Coded Caching – for on-demand video and media streaming.

Cadedge is a standalone solution and does not require any internet connection for operation. It can be installed and used without any technical experience or configuration. Cadedge runs on commercially available off-the-shelf hardware, the APU2 board by PC Engines. It is broadly available from multiple vendors with options for self-assembly or fully assembled devices.