Cadami removes congestion from networks…

Cadami’s technology uses the network’s quiet times to cache content. It’s
like a water storage power plant pumping water up at night when electricity is cheaper.

When there is heavy demand, Cadami then uses that cached content, combined with intelligent
data transmission from the server, to minimise network usage.

… to reduce bandwidth usage by 50-80%

When the Cadami technology transmits data, it replaces network usage with simple maths. To illustrate the process, imagine the network has the capacity to send one number in a given timeframe.

• Because of high demand, you need to send two numbers simultaneously: a 5 to one person and a 3 to another. But the system doesn’t have the capacity

• You can delay sending the data to one user and they will have to suffer the spinny circle of doom

• Or you can use Cadami’s software. It knows who already has which pieces of data and therefore which ones they now need, in this case the 5 and 3

• It codes the two numbers to create 8, which is sent as one transmission to two people.

• The 8 is then decoded at the two destinations, with
the cached content, to provide the 3 and the 5 they need

Thousands of these codings, transmission and decodings happen every second, providing huge bandwidth savings for an excellent passenger experience.

The result is the smooth delivery of high quality content to every user

It’s so good no one notices we’re there.

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Cadami GmbH
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How to get there?

By public transport:

Take the S-Bahn to Rosenheimer Platz. From there it is a 3 min walk to the office.

By car:

The closest public parking lot is the "Parkhaus am Ostbahnhof", you find the entrance at Pariser Str. 48, 81667 München. From there it is a 3 min walk to the office.