The world of aviation is constantly evolving, with various technological advancements. As passenger in-flight entertainment continues to grow rapidly, Cadami unveiled its new technology at the just concluded AIX 2023. This innovation delivers video-on-demand to all seats simultaneously at their maximum data rate.

As an exhibitor, Cadami has featured in the 2018, 2019, and 2023 editions of the event. 

Let’s delve into what we offered at the AIX 2023.

The Cadami Solution: Onboard-Data Center and Storage-as-a-Service

Cadami transforms IFE/C hardware into an onboard data center, allowing flexible software execution and distribution across the aircraft’s computer network. With modern container and orchestration technologies, it supports various applications like IFE video streaming, Open Caching, and machine learning. Cadami optimizes resource sharing (computing, network, storage) across interconnected systems in the aircraft. One notable feature is Storage-as-a-Service, providing 1000 TB storage capacity across IFE screens and servers, ensuring reliability during failures of nodes, storage, or network.

Cadami’s service provides IFE and IFC networking solutions using highly efficient media content storage and distribution technology. Our software allows airlines to provide a huge library of high-quality multimedia content to more users without updating their hardware. Our proven technology is already flying on nearly 500 aircraft, improving the passenger experience

The demand for seamless connectivity in the sky has grown exponentially in recent years. Cadami, in partnership with aeroLiFi showcased advancements in onboard Wi-Fi/LiFi connectivity solutions. The companies presented Hybrid LiFi and WiFi solutions at the show. An innovative technology that merges traditional WiFi with LiFi, a system that enables the transfer of data using light.

Our pioneering technology combines high-speed data transmission of LiFi and the ubiquitous coverage of WiFi. It is transforming the way streaming and connectivity are experienced in the airline industry.

Our solution provides seamless integration and interchangeability between the two technologies. In case one connection fails, the other takes over without any disruption or disconnection. This guarantees passengers an uninterrupted experience of high-quality entertainment during their flight.

This year’s aircraft Interiors exhibition provided a platform for Cadami to collaborate and forge new synergy with yet another innovative leader in the Content Delivery Network industry. picoNETS’ Deep Edge CDN provides zero buffering and ultra-low latency. The application is designed to improve delivery of web content to end-users by minimizing latency and reducing the usage of bandwidth. The technology is achieved by storing cached content in the distributed edge server.

The Cadami technology provided an enlightening experience, offering a glimpse into the future of aircraft in-flight entertainment. As the aviation industry continues to grow, this event served as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, paving the way for a new era of passenger-centric travel experiences. Cadami is poised for a new future in the aircraft entertainment industry.